Save our Rare Books

Our Mission is to rescue rare books from the dustbins, used book stores and neglect and make them available to you

Every day, every week, every month, every year, rare books, wonderful books for families and kids, collectors and readers are orphans in the dustbin of lost books, forever

Our mission is to seek out and find these books and find a home for them with you and your family.

in this way we will give new life to books published in the past and keep these books from being lost forever.

We select these books from the wasteland of lost books so that they can find a home with you and your family

You will often find copies of these books that are less expensive but by buying books here, you will contribute to rescuing rare and wonderful books, books with history, value and most important, books you will love to have in your personal collection
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Buy ordering a book from our bookshelf, you will receive a a book we have selected to bring you and your family joyful reading. Each book has been carefully selected to deliver you value in a book that in itself is a history of books published in prior times. You can fine cheaper copies elsewhere but these books are awaiting a new home. Hopefully with you