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F Scott Fitzgerald
Tales of the Jazz Age Extremely rare.
first edition published in 1922
Extremely rare.

extremely rare published in1907
James Baldwin
Go Tell It To The Mountain

illustrated by Burt Silverman
special limited first edition
published 1979
Margaret Mitchell
Gone With The Wind
Pulitzer Prize 1937 a limited edition published in 1976 illustrated by Robert Reid
You can have this classic first edition on your bookshelf Published in 1906 Jack London

This is a rare true First edition, first printing, with the blue tinted panel portrait in the first issue jacket. But more important, it has been noted that in this case, “the identification of a first-printing jacket does not require identifying rear-jacket colors: It is the brown printing on the flaps and rear panel that identify the first-printing Scribner’s jacket”.

Hemingway’s final work of fiction this novel, The Old Man and the Sea, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1985, and probably the reason Hemingway was cited by the Nobel Committee and awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954.

first edition extremely rare in original dust jacket
published 1925

First edition
Oct 21, 1940

Hemingway at his best using his writing skills to bring to life the Civil War in Spain that launched the Second World War on the day Hitler invaded Poland
This book is a first edition, second issue with an “A” on the copyright page but not the Scribner’s seal. The dust jacket includes a photo credit on the reverse under the photo of Hemingway.
Year Published: 1940 Published by: Charles Scribner’s Sons Original Price: $2.75 Pages: 471
This copy is in fine condition with some wear on the dust jack edges and the name, Helen Maulley written on the first page.
A fine edition to your collection

Dateline Toronto first edition
James Alan McPherson Elbow Room first edition
Sinclair Lewis Arrowsmith first edition
A B Guthrie
The Way West
Pulitzer Prize 1950
limited first edition 1979
The collected stories of Katherine Ann Porter illustrated by George Jones limited first edition 1976
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings The Yearling Pulitzer Prize 1939 1976 limited first edition
Stephen Crane The Third Violet published 1897
Robert Penn Warren All the King’s men first edition
Booth Tarkington Monsieur Beaucaire published 1900
Booth Tarkington Alice Adams
first edition Sam Snead signed
Booth Tarkington The Magnificent Ambersons first edition
first edition
published 1950
Byron Nelson How I played the Game signed first edition
William Faulkner
A Fable
Pulitzer Prize 1963
limited first edition
William Faulkner The Reivers
William Faulkner
Pulitzer Prize 1963

limited first edition
Eugene O’Neil
Strange Interlude
Pulitzer Prize 1985 first limited edition

Cry of the beloved country
Alan Paton

John Marquand The Late George Apley
Pearl S Buck China as I See It
Pulitzer Prize 1932 first edition
published 1979
Louis Bromfield Early Autumn a limited first edition 1977 illustrated by Jerome Pinkney
John Barth The Sot-weed factor signed
special limited first edition
published 1960
Thornton Wilder The Bridges of San Luis Rey limited first edition 1976
Pearl S Buck The Good Earth first edition
James Gould Cozzens Guard of Honor a limited first edition edition published in 1978
John Steinbeck
Sweet Thursday
Pulitzer Prize 1940

limited first edition
first edition
good as gold Joseph Heller signed first edition
William Styron The Confessions of Nat Turner first edition
Upton Sinclair Dragon’s Teeth a limited edition 1977 illustrated by James Sharp
William Styron, lie down in darkness signed
James Agee A Death in the Family first edition
Wallace Stegner Angel of Repose fist edition
the big rock candy mountain Wallace Stegner first edition signed
Joseph Wambaugh Hollywood station first edition signed
His voice almost reaches the Heavens A beautifully illustrated book First edition As new
first edition signed inscribed
Robert Ludlum first edition
The Last Angry Man Gerald Green signed first edition
Julia Peterkin Scarlet Sister Mary first edition
first edition
first edition
John Marquand The Late George Apley first edition
Barnes, Margaret Years of Grace a Limited Edition 1976
James Michener
Pulitzer Prize 1986
limited first edition
first edition
first edition
Richter, Conrad The Town Pulitzer Prize 1951
limited edition
illustrated by Conrad Hack
John Updike
Rabbit Redux
Pulitzer Prize 1985 signed first edition
Jean Stafford Collected Stories Pulitzer Prize 1970
illustrated by Barron Storey
Robert Lewis Taylor The Travels of Jamie McPhearson Pulitzer Prize 1959
limited edition illustrated by Charles Hamrick
Josephine Johnson Now in November 1st edition
Ellen Glasgow In This Our Life first edition
Martin Flavvin Journey in the Dark 1st edition
first edition
first edition
first edition
first edition
first edition
Wilson The Able McLaughlins Pulitzer Prize 1924 limited edition illustrated by Dennis Luczak published 1977
first edition
the guilty David Baldacci first edition
first edition
H L Davis Honey in the Horn first edition