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Paris in the 1920’s

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WELCOME Our goal is to encourage all visitors to buy rare books and save them from the dustbin of time.

Wonderful books now waiting to be saved, Not just for collectors but for everyone. Books your family will enjoy on the bookshelves of your homes or your office or as gifts to your friends.

so please browse and enjoy seeing signed first editions of our culture’s rare books from the dustbin of time.


We haven’t published our on line bookstore yet.

and we may never open our bookstore on line.


Because we encourage all families to become book scouts and start buying books from your local used book/rare book/antiquarian book store. Often for pennies on the dollar.

Nelson Mandela wrote:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

So we hope you have fun looking through our collection of rare books we are with you and your family, especially for kids who learn to read at an early age and escape into the imaginary worlds between the two covers of a book

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If you ever get lost just go to the top of a post or page and click on Save Our Rare Books on the left hand corner and you will return to HOME PAGE

How we identify the condition of the books in our collection

WE do not buy new books Instead we select the books we want to save from the dustbin of history and return them to your new online library


Because it takes, time, money and dedication to find these books and bring them to you Before each book is added to our collection it is carefully evaluated for its condition, provenance, importance or just the joy of the book itself, whether it is a first edition, a signed first edition or a wonderful but terminal book on its last legs

So . . .

Here is how we define each book in our collection

  1. Like New No imperfections, tears or inscriptions
  2. Fine, fine Like New but with some signs of wear
  3. Fine Shows obvious signs of wear Has been read, tears and inscriptions like “Happy birthday Aunt Tilda. Hope you like this book” And so on 🙂
  4. Good You know it has been read
  5. Not so good Probably a book you would not add to your bookcase (unless it was signed and inscribed by William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway or Toni Morrison or you were already collecting an author’s first edition books But WOW! Just holding in your hand a book signed by a Nobel Prize Author is a thrill.
  6. On its last legs Ready to fall apart but we just couldn’t let it die on the back shelves in the dustbin of history